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  • Homeless Women With Sons

    A former resident of You Can Make It has committed to returning to the shelter as a motivational speaker.  Ms. Grayson feels passionate about the importance of educating the public about the real struggles of homeless women and children.  She wants people to realize how vital it is for these families to get the support that they so desperately need.  The following is her latest installment to our YCMI blog. If a homeless woman with children has a son over the age of 15 she will no...

  • Most Pressing Issues for Homeless Women

    We asked the women who had lived in shelters for extended periods of time what they considered to be the most pressing issues.  Ms. Grayson wrote the following response: The most pressing issues a homeless woman with children have to deal with is that their is no stability in their lives. She may not know for certain if they will have somewhere to stay or have anything to eat.